Ph. by Maximilian P.
From Rome to Hamburg! This time I'm writing from my cozy hotel room in Hamburg. The city is very modern and one of the biggest metropoles in Germany. So a girl needs a compliant outfit for a visit. Did you know that Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany? It has everything. Shops from high end (Neuer Wall) to normal and low budget (Monckebergstrasse), good food (especially the German sweets are amazing), both classic cultural and modern flashy architecture and a vibrant city life. The small lake called Alstermeer in the middle of the city centre gives the city something edgy and fresh and if you want night life you can go wild in St Pauli. Hamburg is full of modern trends which are worth following and enjoying.
Talking about modern trends; a massive one of the past year is definitely the sneaker. Nowadays it's trendy to wear it under a dress, skirt or other girly outfit, instead of just with jeans. And although I'm more a heel person, I really love it. So this is one of the first times that I wear sneakers at this blog. And not just regular sneakers, the Isabel Marant ofcourse. I found them in a concept store in Rome and couldn't be more happy. They are so comfortable and perfect for a day in the city. Another souvenir from Rome is this gorgeous orange leather bag that I got from Fabi, the brand we were shooting for in Rome. It's the perfect eyecather to spice up your Fall look and big enough to bring all my daily stuff. Another modern item, that I'm totally in love with is this blazer from Supertrash. I'm a big fan of the brand since the beginning, but this is my ultimate favourite. This blazer is so versatile, because you can wear it as a little black dress and the big golden details finish it. So this post is actually about all my new  favourites items in my wardrobe for now and Fall of course. I hope you like them too!
Dress/Jacket - Supertrash
Top - Calvin Klein
Shoes - Isabel Marant
Bag - Fabi 


Ph. by Maximilian P.

In my last two posts you could see what I was doing in Rome for Fabi. But between shooting with that fabulous brand and a little sightseeing, there was also time to make this editorial post with my own team. And what better place is there to shoot the Italian way? In these small streets, immense old buildings, the ruins, the hectic busyness of the Italians and the warm late summer sun I felt totally at home. But I told you that before, sorry, but I can't stop writing about it. We just had a great time. We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria, which is on a mountaintop overlooking the city. The view is the best especially at night in the famous restaurant La Pergola, that is considered one of the best restaurants in Rome. The Waldorf Astoria has everything and it was a great hideaway. Especially the botanic garden and the pool area were quiet and make you calm. I can recommend it to anyone of you.

Top - Sandro
Short - Maje
Bag - Gucci
Sunglasses - Jimmy Choo
Shoes - Louboutin


I am wearing my first pair of Louboutins in this post. I am very excited about showing you these classic ones. I already had the clutch with spikes of Louboutin, which I showed you in a couple of other posts on Lararosestyle.com and it was time for matching shoes now (although it was a big investment for me). Louboutin is well known for its red soles and that is why I chose for matching typical red accents in my outfit. What do you guys think of Louboutin? Just let me know whether you like it as much as I do.


Ph. by Maximilian P.

Today a short impression of the shoot I did in the current Summer collection of Fabi. In the previous post I already told you about the story behind this great Italian brand.
It was a great day shooting with the Fabi team in the inner city of Rome. Rome is such a romantic destination with all kinds of old Streets and hidden corners, I really love this city. When you go there with the one you love, I promise you that you will have the best time in your live. Rome is lively, loud, busy, but the atmosphere: mamma mia, this city combines antique and contemporary in a wonderful way and it is just made for lovers. Take a little time to find the not-too-touristic restaurants and you will be dazzled by the best Italian food and the most romantic hide-away terraces. And fashion! Believe, Rome has it all. There's really not a major brand that I haven't seen in this city in the few days that I was there. Top this off with the quiet parks you can walk in, the wonderful warm weather and you understand that Rome is definitely one of my favorite cities.
So, it was very nice to shoot in the city centre in a great Fabi outfit and feeling a bit 'Italian' myself. I am wearing a classic black and white outfit in the pictures. A contrast dress with a low back and long sleeves, a city leather bag, a silver cuff with Fabi initials and heels in the same tone with straps. A perfect outfit if you ask me for a day of shopping or meetings in a dream city like Rome.
Total look by Fabi


 Ph. by Maximilian P.

Last week I was in Rome for a project with the Italian brand Fabi. I was invited to see and experience the brand and to show pieces of their current collection, which will be also revealed in the next post. Recently they opened a new boutique of 700 squared meters in Rome dedicated to the maison of Fabi, including a courtyard garden and a lounge, where we shot these pictures. The store is amazing. It has depth and hidden corners, is several stories high and gives a new meaning to the word variety with many different 'theme rooms'. The managers and sales advisors are very friendly and make you feel at home. You can have coffee, tea or other drinks in the lounge which is very clean with that typical Italian vibe. The collection is set out in a gracious way, with attention to small details like matching colors, lights and pictures on the wall.

But Fabi is more than well designed conceptstores. The brand is established in 1965 by the family Fabi and focusses on handmade Italian shoes and bags, made from the best premium Italian leather. The whole process from design to concept and sales, take place in Monte San Giusto, Italy. Fabi has developed through the years into a worldwide brand with collections for woman and men, with stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Moskow, Monte Carlo, Dubai and Milano.

I'm wearing a strapless maxi dress with a high split and detailed flowers. Fabi is known for its amazing shoes and bags, so it wasn't hard for me at all to find a great and matching combination of a girl's beloved leatherwear with the dress and ended up with strappy and classis heels and a clutch of patent leather with diamonds. All in all a great outfit for a gala or chique party. Thank you Fabi, I felt like a little princess while we were taking the pictures.
Total look by Fabi


Ph. by Andrew Chin

At the start of this blog my main focus was always on fashion in general and of course on my own outfits and personal style also. I started out as an absolute beginner a couple of years ago, both in writing as well as in styling. I simply loved everything that had something to do with fashion. Whether it was modelling, styling, writing or shopping :-). I was overwhelmed by clothes, accessiores, designers, brands, you name it. With time however I learned step by step about  how to present what I like and I stand for, here on Lararosestyle.com. I loved this process. In fact I still do and of course there are so many more things to learn for me.

Lately my focus goes more and more out to the quality of clothes and the craftmanship of accessiores. Inventive details like the hand made flowers in this outfit of the Fench brand Maje get me excited. The model of the peplum top is very chic but the short is more casual with wide pockets, which makes this combination so unique. You can also wear the short seperately with a nice top or crop-top in black, white or red of course. But I just felt so good to wear it like this, strolling alongside the Amsterdam canals and take a drink at the gorgeous Amstel hotel, that's on the background.

This week I am heading to Rome for a special project with Fabi, known for it's special Italian shoes and bags. Follow my Italian adventures on instagram @lararosestyle!  

Peplum top - Maje
Short - Maje
Shoes - Zara
Lipstick - Chanel

 As you all know, I have an obsession with shoes. I like them to match perfectly with the rest of my outfit. Which means that my shoe wardrobe gets bigger every week :-). But anywhay, which girl doesn't like shoes? Whether you're more a sneakers girl or a heels woman, I found a great shoe site and which you also find in the Dutch stores, namely Manfield. They mix classic pieces up with on trend, like their snake print slip-ons.
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