Ph. by Maximilian P.

Sometimes you want to wear power. Feminine power of course.  Just like the soft and tough side within every woman, the contrast between black and blue is always there. Sometimes these colours are impossible to match, but sometimes the very combination black and blue just gives you that extra edge. 

Well, this outfit certainly does. The zipped skirt brings that extra power and the wonderful blue feminine shoes and tight dark blue top are made to impress. A hat to protect you from the sun and you are ready to buy a French bread from any lovely smelling small town bakery where time stood still since ages and old ladies are looking at you like you were born in hell, but secretly thinking back at the old days, in which they were wearing the same scandalous outfits to the horror of their parents and grandparents! 

Me? I am just into fashion and I feel great in this outfit, while the late afternoon sun is leaving traces of joy on my skin and plays with my shadow on the walls of the old houses.
Sweater - Karen Millen
Skirt/ hat - Supertrash
Heels - Gianvitto Rossi

The bread tasted delicious and the stroll in the little village made me wonder whether we are totally out of our minds living the big city rush hour life. People in this sunlit Mediterranean village seemed to have lost track of time and I reciprocating was looking secretly at them, admiring them for their slow paced life and peacefulness. Everybody here seemed to have accepted his or her fate calmly, instead of bursting out in anger or struggling with ambition. It made me wonder…who knows really what is the best way of living? 


 Ph. by Maximilian P.

The combination of a clear blue sky and wearing some classic pieces is never out of fashion. Actually it's exactly how fashion and life should be. Ofcourse my mood and environment determine my look of the day. But some timeless pieces are always a good choice, no matter where you are, or what you do. A white silk blouse and leather shorts always make me happy. For this look I chose a khaki green color, a deep and warm color for fall. I'm also on the hunt for more pieces in this nice color for the coming season. To finish this look I'm wearing a bold chain necklace and a delicate locker from Micheal Kors newest collection. The look is feminine and holds somewhere in the middle of casual and chic. The accessoires, bag and shoes you choose with these timeless pieces, are important to make the look exactly the way you want. Add the right elements with care and you will get that special vibe that you are looking for, so that you are the woman that you want to be. For this shoot I chose white heels with golden metallic details from the brand Dune Londen to add that feminine touch and a Gucci bag that matches the color of the shorts. Together with the jewelry this made the simple outfit the way I wanted it to be.
Blouse - Allsaints
Jewelry - Micheal Kors
Shorts - Zara
Bag - Gucci
Shoes - Dune London


Ph. by Maximilian P.

It is mid October and Fall has arrived in my home country. It is raining and the temperature is dropping way beyond my linking. So there is nothing left to do but saying bye bye to my summer collection and dig into the 'winter and fall' closet. Where I come from, the seasons unfortunately dictate which clothes we wear. Which means for me that no matter what I wear in Winter, I always feel cold.

So for everybody who adores the sun and the easy temperatures like I do, with this post we go back to one of those perfect late summer days. I travelled a lot the last couple of months and in September I was in Salzburg, Austria for some special meetings and I was stunned by the great weather. The sun was shining like it was mid summer and was surrounded by the beautiful flowers of the Mirabell Garden, I felt like a summer queen. The Mirabell Gardens and Mirabell Palace are part of the historic centre of the city of Salzburg. The palace and its garden were built and set up in 1606 and with its gorgeous architecture and geometrically-arranged shapes, they are still a beautifull touristic attraction.

For this occassion I chose to wear a romantic outfit with light and pastel colors, one of the trends of this season. I paired my favourite peplum skirt in light pink from BCBG Maxazria with a lace see through blouse.  I already wore this outfit to a wedding this summer, so why not again combine the same outfit with other accessoires? I think that's the key for a multifunctional and various wardrobe. So I combined this outfit with a snake print python clutch from MK and delicate jewelry with gemstones from the amazing designer melanie Auld
Top - Sandro
Skirt - BCBG Maxazria
Jewelry - Melanie Auld
Bag - Micheal Kors
Heels - Christian Louboutin



Ph. by Maximilian P.
New season; new silhouette. A new season is all about experimenting with new silhouettes, patterns, colors and materials. We watch the designers during the fashion weeks to see what they came up with for this season. I also love to do that. Trying new things, interpreting what I see on the catwalks and adding my own ideas, my own twist to looks. Aren't we all Always looking for new ways to create that even better look for ourselves?

On the other hand (how beautiful a contradiction is..), there are always timeless pieces..those looks that never lose their strength. In this post I want to share on with you: the simple black and timeless look. Good for every occassion and styled with one of my favourite all time pieces: the peplum skirt. I am also extremely happy to wear my second piece of Louboutin here on the blog. The heel is a perfect mix of golden glitters and black suede with a hot red sole. On top of this classic look I added a bold and golden piece from Chopard, which suprisingly turned out to be a good match with the golden doorhandles on the huge door you see in the pictures (thanks to Maximilian P.) The photos are shot in Mdina at the Mediterrean island Malta, one of my favourite places for a quick get-away. We had a great day of shooting in this quiet little old town, while the late September sun was shining bright and the temperature was still 30 degrees centegrade with hardly any wind. It made me feel lazy and comfy and after the shoot at the table of a lovely small and typical Maltese restaurant in Valletta, I kept on dreaming of the old people in the small streets and how  it would be to live a quiet live without rushing and stressing, enjoying the sun, the food and the clear blue sea.

Top - H&M Trend
Skirt - BCBG Maxazria
Heels - Christian Louboutin
Sunglasses - Jimmy Choo
Jewelry - Chopard


 Ph. by Maximilian P.
From Rome to Hamburg! This time I'm writing from my cozy hotel room in Hamburg. The city is very modern and one of the biggest metropoles in Germany. So a girl needs a compliant outfit for a visit. Did you know that Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany? It has everything. Shops from high end (Neuer Wall) to normal and low budget (Monckebergstrasse), good food (especially the German sweets are amazing), both classic cultural and modern flashy architecture and a vibrant city life. The small lake called Alstermeer in the middle of the city centre gives the city something edgy and fresh and if you want night life you can go wild in St Pauli. Hamburg is full of modern trends which are worth following and enjoying.
Talking about modern trends; a massive one of the past year is definitely the sneaker. Nowadays it's trendy to wear it under a dress, skirt or other girly outfit, instead of just with jeans. And although I'm more a heel person, I really love it. So this is one of the first times that I wear sneakers at this blog. And not just regular sneakers, the Isabel Marant ofcourse. I found them in a concept store in Rome and couldn't be more happy. They are so comfortable and perfect for a day in the city. Another souvenir from Rome is this gorgeous orange leather bag that I got from Fabi, the brand we were shooting for in Rome. It's the perfect eyecather to spice up your Fall look and big enough to bring all my daily stuff. Another modern item, that I'm totally in love with is this blazer from Supertrash. I'm a big fan of the brand since the beginning, but this is my ultimate favourite. This blazer is so versatile, because you can wear it as a little black dress and the big golden details finish it. So this post is actually about all my new  favourites items in my wardrobe for now and Fall of course. I hope you like them too!
Dress/Jacket - Supertrash
Top - Calvin Klein
Shoes - Isabel Marant
Bag - Fabi 
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