Last month in Paris during Fashion Week I did a shoot for the French luxury scarves and accessoires brand Comtesse-Sofia. The setting of this shoot was very romantic and street style. 'Wearing scarves like a true Parisian was the main theme. There for we went to the Notre Dame area and shot on different spots near the river Seine. I enjoyed the shoot very much. It was lovely to work with such nice people. Thank you Comtesse-Sofia.

The photos show two different looks chosen especially for the red and blue scarfs, inspired by the Baroque style. Comtesse-Sofia is well known for their quality scarves that stand out because of high end materials and flamboyant prints, varying from romantic to more business style.

There is a true and lovely story behind the fabrics. Every Comtesse Sofia scarf  is produced with Russian wool, in an over 200-year-old factory. It is the only one of its type to have survived the Soviet Union, which forbade luxury and it is still located in a little town in the region of Moscow, far from the stress of urban life, where time seems to pass by at slower pace. It is there where craftsmen devote themselves entirely to their creations and pure passion for this beautiful fashion product sets the tone. The wool used for the scarves is recognised for its thermoregulating and lightweight qualities. Comtesse-Sofia scarves embrace your face and suit perfectly with every sort of outfit: either simple, flamboyant or elegant.


 Ph. by Maximilian P.

Place Vendôme is known for the world's finest luxury. You can also find the famous luxury hotel 'The Ritz there, surrounded by jewelry stores only from high end brands. But beside all this luxury and the chique people, there seems to be a certain calmness one can't describe on this square, which is overwhelming. Maybe it's the magic of place Vendôme. I call it 'a luxury experience for both eyes and mind'. This day in Paris, we met some jewelry brands to see and value their newest creations and take a look behind the scene. But of course you need the right outfit for such a day. I think a combination of black and pink will Always work to be both feminine but also mean al little business. On top of that, I've always been a fan of the flared jeans, see a previous post and this new one from Burberry screamed my name in the Paris store at the Champs Elysees.
 I always had a weakness for jewelry.
 Because jewelry is so much more than diamonds or the perfect touch to your outfit. It so many stands for something special. Jewelry is a memorie, a sign of love, a commitment and everything you want it to be. The thing about jewelry is that it has something magical. Pure pieces of art, so small, but when made the right way, so exclusive, that they are big in all their fragility. The right jewelry, chosen with care, makes your personality shine.
Jacket - Zara
Sweater - Supertrash
Jeans - Burberry Prorsum
Clutch - Christian Louboutin
Shoes - Aldo
Jewelry - Shourouk


 Ph. by Maximilian P.

The good thing about fashion weeks is that you always get the chance to discover the most beautiful hidden secrets of the cities that you visit. In Paris, which hides hundreds of unexpected amazing squares, buildings and parks, besides the highlights of Paris we all know, it is inevitable to come across places that make your heart beat faster. After some exhausting  meetings, this time we all of a sudden bumbed into the gorgeous 'Palais du Justice' where you have the best view over the river Seine. It might sounds strange but standing at the borders of the Palais du Justice, looking over the Seine, I was daydreaming for at least half an hour!

The colors of the Paris buildings in general, really inspired me to dress and play with fashion colors. A touch of yellow and the rest of this outfit in all black, with different materials, is the perfect outfit for a city stroll, if you ask me. To find an outfit like this, just do some online shopping at This is an online shopping mall where you can find all online shops and brands under 'one roof'. The main categories are clothing and shoes and you can search for your favorite product by filters. Nowadays it's so easy to shop for the right clothing pieces that I can do this all day!

After that half an hour daydreaming we shot this look while lawyers and other legal personnel came out of the Palais du Justice wondering what this hard working fashion crew was doing on their doorstep. We had to stop several times, but it was hilarious and the security guys didn't hassle us too much, so we had a great afternoon at yet another unexpected beautiful Parisian spot.

Coat - Zara
Skirt - BCBG Maxazria
Clutch - Christian Louboutin
Shirt - Allsaints
Gloves - River Island
Shoes - Aldo
Belt - Nikkie


Ph. by Maximilian P.

Last week I was in Paris for Fashion Week. It was the perfect fashion get-away. One could feel fashion everywhere and the lovely sun was shining outside even while inside the new fall/winter collections were shown on the runways. I stayed in one of Paris best hidden secrets, Monhotel Paris. Everyone who is in a big city (whether it is for work or just for fun), knows that the location of your hotel is vital for a pleasant stay. Well, believe me, Monhotel Paris is triple-A located. You find it on Rue d'Argentine, one of the side Streets of Champs Elysees and about 300 meters (!) from the Arc the Triomphe. To make the location even better, we found a Celine store right behind it. But Monhotel Paris has more to offer than just its location. It has a really good vibe with a French and Baroque-like interior and I fell in love with the Parisian balconies (my room had 2) straight when I came in. All the rooms are light, cozy and fully equipped. Especially the bathroom of my suite, of course very important for a fashionista, had it own balcony and Lanvin goodies.

I felt like a native Parisian woman drinking tea in the early morning on my balcony followed by an extensive breakfast, served in the lounge of the hotel. A good breakfast is very important during fashionweek and moreover it's one of my favourite meals of the day. So I was very happy that this part of the service of Monhotel Paris was of a high standard, just like the rest of the treatment.

A big thanks to Monhotel Paris and Snaptraveller for making me and my team feel really at home in Paris.


 Ph. By Maximilian P. 

Tartan is hot this season. The chequered dress, skirt and coat seemed to be everywhere I went during the last months. Obviously I wasn't surprised to find it in Glasgow Scotland, where I showed you a new concept of All Saints, but it takes me by surprise that I see it in different colours and fabrics literally everywhere I look. Not that I mind, tartan is refreshing, different and authentic. And, to be honest, it is originally Scottish and I like Scotland. So we looked for a nice city to produce a post on this on trend look. We chose Maastricht, the beautiful burgundian city in the South of the Netherlands. I felt great wearing this tartan musthave tight dress, while strolling on the riverside of the Maas. It doesn't happen often in Holland that there are almost no clouds, but this day seemed to be one of these days.

Dress - River Island
Beanie - American Apparel
Bag - Armani Exchange
Boots - Allsaints

Let's talk about this beautiful city, Maastricht. It's like 2 hours drive from Amsterdam, where the fashion stuff happens we all know about and after an intense week of Amsterdam fashion week, I wanted to see something else. Maastricht has beautiful wide but still  cosy squares, where you can sit and relax all day, one of my favourite things to do. On the other hand Maastricht offers great architecture, a wide range of good restaurants, well known shops and the best hidden boutiques around the 'onze lieve vrouwe plein'. For secret shopping and finding that one special piece, there's no city like it.

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