Ph. by Andrew Chin
Back in my favourite city, my hometown, Amsterdam.
Nothing beats the canals, the various different extravagant people on the Streets, the restaurants the clubs and all the typical Amsterdam aspects that became so well known to me over the years. I studied here, wandered through the Streets and of course, shopped till I dropped.
I love to shoot in Amsterdam; I enjoy the busy vibe of the inner city and embrace the innovative and artistic atmosphere. I even got used to the mad people on bikes that race through every street. There is only one thing that I might never get used to; the weather.
However, when we shot this outfit, the weather was very nice, it was warm and I felt the sun caressing my skin. I forgot about all my daily worries and just enjoyed the work. This outfit is a kind of summer suit in the same tweed fabric. I like the aztek print and the bright colors of the suit. Ofcourse you can also wear the suit seperately, I prefer the gilet with a basic dress and the skirt with a top in the same color or loose fit blouse. I like to match outfits and suits in many different ways. The trick is to match different parts of an outfit with other pieces and before you know it, you have a total different look. Whether I wear a piece casual or chic, I always try to put something edgy and unexpected in the outfit, like this new baroque earrings from Louis Vuitton. Aren't they gorgeous?  They fit perfectly as eyecatcher to every simple summer outfit or evening dress.
Suit - Mango
 Denim shirt - Diesel
Earrings - Louis Vuitton
Shoes - Zara


Video by Andrew Chin

This is the final video of my collaboration with BCBG Maxazria in the flagship store in Antwerp. It was such a nice experience to work with the team of BCBG Maxazria. They took great care of us and gave us the best advice with the styling. In the end we decided to choose three total different looks: a bussiness look, a day look and a night look. The looks can be seen separately here, here and here.  

It is just because of the versatility of the clothes of BCBG Maxazria that we were able to do these different looks. Max Azria designs perfect clothes for all occasions and situations. His clothes, shoes and accesoires can be worn at every ocasion and make you feel a different woman in different situations at any time of the day. And isn't that what us women want?

Here a few of my favourite shots of this collaboration. 


 Ph. by Maximilian P. 

Today I wil reveal a great project! I was asked to make a design for the Dutch brand CoolCat. The idea arose during a photoshoot I had for the brand in their flagship store in Amsterdam and after some brainstorming with their team. Now one year later I can reveal that my designs will be sold in their stores from 17 July onwards. Celebrated with a big launch in Amsterdam. And of course I am excited about it! The design are inspired by the travelling I did. As a model and fashion blogger I have the chance to travel a lot and to see amazing places. I designed a special summer piece, which is all about the world's famous beaches, places and summer cities we just have to go to in our lifes. You can combine the main piece with a short, high-waist skirt or over your bikini.

I'm really excited about this project and I might even see a future for myself as a designer.
But whatever comes out of it, this is already a small dream come true. Thank you CoolCat!



Ph. by Andrew Chin
Each time I stroll in our beloved city Amsterdam, it seems like I discover new places. Even after all these years that I've been studying and working in this city, I still find new exciting places, alleys and people. And this is Amsterdam, basically my hometown. You can imagine that when I am in other cities and countries I am dazzled by all the impressions, culture, fashion, food, and colours. Colours. Yes colours. Did you ever notice that every place has it's own dominant colour? The buildings, the reflection of the sun, the glittering of the sea (when I am so lucky to find a coastal environment). Maybe this is why there's nothing I enjoy more than discovering new places somewhere else in the world. It always starts with an exciting feeling and then it might even become one of your favorites that you always will return to. Of course that is the best, to create a little home away from home. But even when a place or a city is not really to my liking, I always end up leaving with at least that feeling of satisfaction; 'It is good that I've seen this'. Of course it is so nice to travel with a capable team of loved ones and I am blessed to have good people around me. We're all curious and thus the desire for new experiences also contains new clothes, new food, brands, craftwork, art. I'm happy that I can share with you new fashion here and maybe give you some new ideas or inspiration. Like this new cobalt blue heels with straps around the ankles. How an extravagant shoe can make an outfit shine differently, right?
Cardigan - Vanilia
Bag - Kate Spade NY
Shoes - Gianvito Rossi
Jewelry - River Island
 Top - Guess
Skirt - Zara


Ph. by Andrew Chin

 Spring weather has finally arrived in the city and I just want to wear my short skirts, tops and other slim clothes. With that in mind, I also have a crush on light shades of pink and nude colours this season. These colours match always nice with black. And guess what, this is the colour far most common in my closet.  So I was very happy to find some delicate jewelry of the amazing designer webshop called Moi-Estelle in that kind of light shades I just mentioned. In the photos I'm wearing pink earrings of the designer Suzanna Dai, who creates jewelry with a vintage vibe and modern flair. You can use the code: LARA30 for 30% discount on these little pieces of art. I'm also wearing an arm cuff from Melanie Auld with pink gemstones, she's known as a designer with colourful gemstones in every collection.
Blazer - Pinko
Top - H&M Trend
Skirt - BCBG Maxazria
Bag - Christian Louboutin
Jewelry - Moi-Estelle

Another great thing of spring/summer is that you can live, walk, dance, shop in open shoes and those are generally the most beautiful ones in my opinion. At the website Invito (a webshop I often visit during my online shopping sessions), you can find great pieces to wear for spring/summer. A various and wide range of sandals, heels, slippers and loafers in every color and shape. Something that every fashionista with an addiction for shoes, wants. That reminds me that I need to find some other great shoe pieces for my upcoming trips to Glasgow and St. Tropez. this Spring. Talking about an addiction, right?! 

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