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In the city of blinding lights you have to wear some…..fashionable sunglasses. No doubt. Actually, I hardly wear sunglasses in my own country somehow, but as soon as I am over the border I put them on. Don’t ask me why, maybe it has to do something with old childhood memories! Beside all that, I love some fashionable sunglasses to finish a look. They protect your eyes in a fashionable way and some of them are in fact pure masterpieces. With sunglasses I think it’s very important to invest in good quality. My current favorite ones are from Jimmy Choo (I am wearing in the pictures), Louis Vuitton and Dior. Do you favour particular eyewear brands at the moment? If so, tell me which ones and I might post about them!

These pictures are shot in the lovely neighbourhood just behind the Eiffel Tower (in walking distance only 5 minutes). It was the first time that I visited this neighborhood, although I’ve been around the Eiffel Tower so many times in my life. But I went never further than that, how touristic… 
You can find beautiful stately buildings there, lovely cafes and Parisian interior shops. It is a very rich area but it is not rushy and poshly there, but peaceful and calm even though it’s so close to the most touristic place of Paris. It’s a huge contrast with the chaos of people, touristic shops and traffic around/under/for the Eiffel Tower. So when you are in Paris and have some time after visiting the Eiffel Tower, it’s really worth a visit!
Sweater – Stella Mccartney
Bralette – Victoria Secret
Shorts – Allsaints
Sunglasses – Jimmy Choo
Bag – Stella Mccartney
Boots – Josh V

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Ph. by Andrew Chin


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