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 It’s always a pleasure to wear light shades when Summer arrives in the city. Especially in Amsterdam, where sunshine is rare and you have to embrace every minute of it. In Holland there are many days with what I call ‘on-and-off’ weather. Not too warm, lot’s of wind and sunbeams and clouds fighting for their territory. Unfortunately the clouds often win. But hey, it is when there is a full day of sun, that you enjoyed it even more. So when the sun made her breakthrough when we were shooting I couldn’t be happier wearing this matching outfit.

Jumpsuit: Topshop
Blazer: Josh V
Bag: Michael Kors
Boots: Elisabetta Franchi
Flower ring: Michael Kors
Double rings: Monica Vinader


Accessories can totally change your look. I always pay a lot of attention to details, whether it is a look or something else.  With outfits I always check first of it’s a look for gold or silver. This mostly depends of the bag and the details  of the look( buttons, zippers etc.) I always wear a few personal rings and most of the time also some tiny bracelets. Sometimes I add a necklace or earrings to the look, but I never wear those two together. I also think it is very important to have perfectly manicured hands. In this look I chose for multiple small rings and a statement ring. But something it is with accessories like with everything: less is more!


This outfit is perfect for the not so summerish weather I told you about. Combine your summer wardrobe with a sleeveless gilet and thigh high boots and you can wear it also whem the weather is not so summerish as your mood. If you want to wear Summer clothes whenever you feel like it, look for the right combination with some warmer pieces.


 Ph. by Andrew Chin

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  • Whit

    You’re so stunning! I love all the light pastel tones on you and your outfit is gorgeous, but those boots omg… To die for!!


  • annie lee

    such a doll you are!! lovely photos 🙂

  • Jeanne

    Very chic look Lara! You look amazing!

  • Christianne Cabangon

    Love your blog. Nice outfit here. Very chic!

  • Manuela

    Can’t agree more… Accessories are everything. We can have an infinity of looks just changing the accessories!
    I loved this look, btw!


  • Alyssa Renee

    Absolutely fantastic look! Love your boots! =)

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  • Natassia Crystal

    As always, you look stunningly beautiful! 🙂

    Love the outfit, perfect for the warmer weather.. even in the Netherlands! And I’m totally in love with those OTK boots! 🙂 – Geekette in High Heels

  • Stephanie

    Love love love those boots! Such a chic outfit! Stunning 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  • Yv

    That blazer is incredibly pretty and versatile. Love it!

  • Paulina

    Wow! Such beautiful imagery! You’re gorgeous, babe! You remind me of this actress, Isla Fisher. I wonder if anybody told you that 🙂


  • Tiffany

    OMG so happy I found your blog! Your style is so amazing!! xx
    Flaunt and Center 

  • Alexandra

    Wow this is one of your best outfits! Love the photography. Well done!



  • Lenya

    I love this amazing look. Beautiful details and you look stunning, girl.

  • Taja

    This look is lovely! I loved the accessories paired with this outfit. Especially the midi rings set.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • jess

    you’re so pretty and great stunning photos!

    check out my blog + follow too? xx


  • Beantwoorden

    Wat een top outfit! De jumpsuit is erg mooi en de andere items passen er perfect bij!

    x Karen

  • Leftbankgirl

    You look gorgeous! The bag is exquisite and the boots are incredible! Love this

  • Carrie

    oh my god you look amazing!!!
    Posts online about Vienna, Provence, Buenos Aires….

  • Izzy

    I love the subtle colors and the pretty details of this chic look, those boots add a bombshell touch; well done!

  • Kind Distinction

    Hi Lara rose,
    We love this look. Loving the summer creams and those shorts are darling!

    Sofia & Maria

  • Kate

    That blazer is so gorgeous and unique! xx

  • Denise

    Wonderful outfit. You look so great!

    Kisses from Berlin,

    • Gina

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  • Eni

    This outfit is really stylish my dear! I totally agree with your choices! Kisses from Italy and thank you for stopping at my blog,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

  • Krizia

    Lovely outfit!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  • Je ne sais what?

    You are so stunning! So is your outfit xxx Love your blog!

  • Alessandra

    You look beautiful! I fall in love with the boots!

  • Deasy Noel

    Love the outfit! So clean and minimal. And your rings look so darling!

  • Nissi Mendes

    You look stunning!! Love everything about this look!!

  • Akanksha

    Love the look. Its sooooo glam!


  • Xelly

    Those boots are too die for!! What about that gilet, is it still available?


  • Melange-Boutique Blog

    Really as you say …so magic details

    Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

  • Fashion and Frappes

    Absolutely love that jacket! I think I am finally tempted – need to get a long sleeveless one asap!

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