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Stripes. Definitely the most recurrent item in fashion throughout the years. Classic, timeless and sometimes even very effective. A real musthave, if you ask me.

The Breton Stripe was first invented by French sailors in the 19th century. Believe it or not, but the stripes made it easier to find them when they had fallen overboard in rough sea.

Centuries later we still find the  stripes on the catwalk merely thanks to Coco Chanel. The story goes that she fell in love with the look of ‘Les Marins’ during a trip to the French Riviera, From that moment on she used the stripes look in her collections. It became an instant success. The stripes were for example linked with ‘le Nouvelle Vague’, a well known French Film movement in the sixties of the last century. Was Coco Chanel the first top designer who used stripes in her collection, today we can find stripes almost everywhere in all varieties with fans amongst all big designers like Tommy Hilfinger, Missoni, Ralph Lauren, Stella Mccartney and Salvatore Ferragamo.

.What I like most about this post is the matching background. We shot this project in ‘Colonnes de Buren’ in Paris, which is officially the most instagrammed location of Paris 2016 (besides the touristic Eiffel ofcourse). Could the stripe be more 21 century?

Dress – Elisabetta Franchi
Heels – Zara

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Ph. by Andrew Chin


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