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A fragrance can keep a memory, change a mood, stimulate the senses and alter the way. Like a subtle breeze, a fragrance draws ones attention and thus gives colour to life. And what is more beautiful than developing a perfume while getting inspired by a hidden roof garden? In French it sounds even more beautiful, ‘un Jardin sur le Toit’. Hermès, in my opinion a brand of utmost grace, did it. And how. Even more, they even dared to name it this way. As they elegantly wrote it on the little orange box in which the refined bottle is wrapped;

‘With Un Jardin sur le Toit, Hermès celebrates its deep connection with contemporary craftsmanship and invites us to discover its garden, a little slice of nature and poetry shaped by man’s hand. Secret, hidden in heart of the city, it stands at the top of the historical 24 Faubourg building in Paris. A hanging garden, which surprises and fascinates. Wild grasses, an apple tree, a magnolia.. A perfume of light and delight is born and offers a feast for the senses and the mind.

I myself unwrapped this wonderful discovery in the famous ‘Rose Garden’ in the heart of Amsterdam while surrounded by beautiful flowers and soothing greenery. A garden atmosphere, which might even not come close to the one on top of 24 Faubourg, but still reflects this subtle and elegant Hermès perfume. ‘Jardin sur le Toit” is so pure as one can only expect from the French classy brand and wearing it makes my day special, no matter where I go and what I do.

Ph. by Andrew Chin


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  • Leta

    All I can say is that you have AMAZING blog!

    Your weekly inspiration and motivation on

  • Alexandra

    Girl, this is gorgeous! Congratz with this amazing campaign! Hermès is such a beautiful and established brand!


  • Maria | Looking Glass

    Stunning photos! I love your dress xo

    • Florence

      Hi Brandi!WOW! This is absolutely cute! What an imagination you have! GREAT project (even at 1h30 AM!LOL!)Hve a good day, my stamping fr!Midnearika

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      You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mercy

    Very good post, you look gorgeous. I want to try out this Hermes fragrance.

  • The Fashion Panda

    Love the Hermes perfumes ! Amazing pics !!

  • Catarina

    Amazing photos!!!

  • Bina

    Lovely pics! You look great!

  • Eleonora

    Love these pics!


  • Sunita

    Great Look!xxx

    Sunita |

  • Danielle

    You look gorgeous in this white dress! Beautiful photos! Have a nice week!


  • Irene

    Amazing post! I love the pictures:)

  • Izzy

    You look fantastic in that white dress, so sleek and chic. I love how you paired it with that belt and those shoes, adding a more earthy vibe as well as more texture!

  • Chelsea

    Can’t wait to try this parfum as I have seen your pictures now! Love it!


  • Natassia Crystal

    As always, you look gorgeous.. top model quality! 🙂

    Love these pics! And those high heeled sandals! 🙂

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  • Esther Maris

    You absolutely look gorgeous!

  • Beantwoorden

    I love the photos! Hermes is one of my “to go” brands and I’ve been using Kelly Caleche for many years now.

  • Irene

    Such a charming outfit!You have a beautiful smile:)

  • Monika

    Just perfect! 🙂

  • Eni

    I don’t know this fragrance Lara but I think Hermes is a guarantee of quality. Congratulations for this beautiful (as always) shooting!!!! Have a nice day, kisses (and thank you for your visit),

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Bloglovin of Eniwhere Fashion

  • Joana

    I need to go smell this ahah
    Sounds lovely

    Joana x

  • zuleika

    Such beautiful photos! And I love the Hermes packaging! 🙂

  • Preston

    You look so stunning in this piece

  • Lydia

    Looks like a fun trip! Can’t wait to hear more about your big project.

  • Ashraf

    As always. Looking stunning.

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