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You can wear the best outfits, but if you don’t look good yourself, half the battle is lost. Apart from a healthy way of living, which means making sure that I sleep enough, I sport regularly, follow my yoga classes and eat well, profound skincare is priority number one for me. Because looking my best starts for me with having a good skin.

So just like upgrading my wardrobe with new items, it is equally important for me to do this with skincare. Recently I discovered  ‘SkinCeuticals, a skincare brand with a medical/science background developed by Doctor Dr. Sheldon Pinell since 1989. SkinCeuticals believes in the power of antioxidants to reduce skin aging caused by factors like sun exposure, pollution and stress. Apart from this, Skinceuticals products simply make my skin look great and feel well…

You achieve optimal skin health with Skinceuticals in 3 steps: prevent, correct and protect.

Top – Zara
Jeans – Gstar



To start you apply the daytime serum C E Ferulic at a bare/free make up face. This serum has a high volume of pure vitamin C and E, which helps to prevent damage by free radicals like UV radiation and pollution. Pat the serum gently on the face with a few drops from the pipet. Once it’s absorbed, it stays in your skin for 72 hours. (this is the little bottle on the right).



The next step is all about correcting your skin with the serum ‘Retexturing activator’ to help correct skin problems like pigmentation, redness or (fine) aging lines. This is a really rich and smooth serum which totally hydrates your skin. After using this serum you feel and see the difference right away. (It is in little bottle on the right)



The last step, probably the most important step in every skincare routine, is to protect the skin. Whether you are outside under the sun or stay indoors UV radiation is everywhere and is harmful for the skin. I use ‘Ultra Facial Defense’ with a SPF 50 to protect my light skin. It sounds like a very high protection and seems like a thick cream, but it isn’t. It is a very gentle smooth cream and feels like your day cream and you will get a tan anyway (this is the big tube).


Ph. by Andrew Chin


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