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Last week I was in Rome for a project with the Italian brand Fabi. I was invited to see and experience the brand and to show pieces of their current collection, which will be also revealed in the next post. Recently they opened a new boutique of 700 squared meters in Rome dedicated to the maison of Fabi, including a courtyard garden and a lounge, where we shot these pictures. The store is amazing. It has depth and hidden corners, is several stories high and gives a new meaning to the word variety with many different ‘theme rooms’. The managers and sales advisors are very friendly and make you feel at home. You can have coffee, tea or other drinks in the lounge which is very clean with that typical Italian vibe. The collection is set out in a gracious way, with attention to small details like matching colors, lights and pictures on the wall.

But Fabi is more than well designed conceptstores. The brand is established in 1965 by the family Fabi and focusses on handmade Italian shoes and bags, made from the best premium Italian leather. The whole process from design to concept and sales, take place in Monte San Giusto, Italy. Fabi has developed through the years into a worldwide brand with collections for woman and men, with stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Moskow, Monte Carlo, Dubai and Milano.

I’m wearing a strapless maxi dress with a high split and detailed flowers. Fabi is known for its amazing shoes and bags, so it wasn’t hard for me at all to find a great and matching combination of a girl’s beloved leatherwear with the dress and ended up with strappy and classis heels and a clutch of patent leather with diamonds. All in all a great outfit for a gala or chique party. Thank you Fabi, I felt like a little princess while we were taking the pictures.

Total look by Fabi


 Ph. by Maximilian P.


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